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1. Where is the course held?
The PassCSA course is held in Philadelphia in a hospital located in Center City Philadelphia. The center is easily accessible by train, bus or taxi and is near to the ECFMG center.


2. How is your course going to be helpful in my preparation?
The highlight of our course is your chance to practice the test under examination conditions on subjects that are carefully trained and selected to simulate a real patient. The  consultation rooms, the timing and the atmosphere is very similar to the actual test. The aim of our course is to optimize your performance on every part of the Step
2 CS test. Since many candidates are failing the Step 2 CS on the communication section, this part will be particularly helpful in assessing and improving communication skills.

3. What is in your manual?
The manual compliments the didactic sessions. The didactic sessions focus on history taking, physical examination, clinical note and differential diagnosis.

4. Who teaches the course?
The instructors are experienced clinicians who are licensed practicing physicians in Philadelphia. Our instructors have considerable teaching experience in clinical medicine. Our  instructors have published review books in clinical medicine.

5. Do you arrange accommodation?

Please see our accommodation section.

6. What is included in your fee?
Our fee ($395) covers tuition, practice with Sp's, course manual, lunch and refreshments. Our fee is the most competitive on the market.

7. What is PassCSA refer a friend scheme?

At present, due to discounted course fee, this scheme is no longer present. Special group (3 or more) discount rates are also available, please call toll free at 1866 278 6011 for special promotional offers!!

7. Why do you include discussion on getting into residency?
This is your ultimate goal. It is never too early to start thinking about this.

8. Why do you ask for the fee in advance?
As you can appreciate, the course needs a lot of planning every time. This includes arranging the correct number of SPs, examination rooms, food etc. In addition, we keep the groups small, so we do turn people away.

9. When is the best time to take the course?
A few weeks before the test is the optimal time so that you can work on any "weak" points that we may highlight during the course. However, this is not possible for most candidates. Taking the course a few days before the test will also be very, very helpful and will optimize your performance on every aspect of the Step2CS.

10. Can I change or cancel my course date after registration?

Yes, you could change your course date without any extra charge. Please remember to give us at least one week notice for new course date. You can change the course date twice (maximum) after that there will be a $50 charge to get a new course date. If you cancel your course for any reason, there will be a $100 cancellation fee!

11. Can I get any   help after the course?

Yes, this is a unique service offered by our organization. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have till you pass your examination!

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