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The Step2CS (CSA) examination is taken after USMLE step 1 and Step2CK and is mandatory for ECFMG certification. ECFMG certification is an important obstacle in a physician's path towards licensure in the USA. PassCSA is an independent review course organization with extensive clinical preparation experience that will help you achieve your goal of passing the Step2CS first time! Our one-day weekend courses are targeted at the Step2CS examination. PassCSA will cover high-yield material that is typically encountered in the Step2CS examination.
The highlight of our course is your chance to practice the examination on carefully trained simulated patients (SPs) under examination conditions. You will see 8-10 cases! This clinical session is essential for assessing and improving communication skills. You will then discuss your performance with experienced examiners.
The vast majority of candidates are now failing on the data gathering component of the test. There will be special emphasis on data gathering during the course. Our expert faculty will help you identify key areas that need attention when collecting data.
After the didactic session, we will demonstrate physical examination techniques that need to be mastered for the CSA examination. You will have the opportunity to actively participate in this very important session before attending the mock examination session of our course.

During the clinical session your instructors will pay special attention to your patient note.  We will make suggestions on how to improve your note by using specially developed passcsa patient note templates

WARNING: Passcsa strive to maintain the integrity of the Step2CS/CSA examination. You must not discuss or share actual exam questions with any body.

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